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16th Maine Tee

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The 20th Maine gets the glory in history books and in the lore of Gettysburg...and it's deserved. The 16th Maine are the unsung heroes of day one. The were asked to "hold the line at all cost" in order for the north to retreat and wait for reinforcements. They tore their colors to shreds and hid them in their uniforms, shoes and some placed pieces in their mouths. This action ensured that the colors would not become a war trophy for the confederates. 

July 1st, 1863, fought here from 1 o’clock until 4 p.m. when the division was forced to retire. By command of General Robinson to Col. Tilden, the regiment was moved to the right near the Mummasburg Road, as indicated by a marker there, with orders “to hold the position at any cost.”
July 2d & 3d, in position with the division on Cemetery Hill. 


Killed 2 officers 9 men
Wounded 9 officers 54 men
Captured 11 officers, 148 men
Strength of regiment 25 officers, 250 men