An Interview With Shayna Blumert

An Interview With Shayna Blumert

One of our favorite artists (and employees!), Shayna was kind enough to answer a few questions about her art, living in Maine, and which Loyal Citizen designs are her personal favorites.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

SB - I take all of my ideas for subject matter from nature. I was a printmaking major at MECA (Maine College of Art) and stylistically I'm interested in Art Nouveau, botanical illustration, and centuries old copper etchings and wood engravings.

Do you approach designing t-shirts differently than fine art drawing? How?

SB - I simplify and edit out extra detail when I'm designing for a t-shirt.  What looks good on paper/as a drawing sometimes gets muddled when it's translated to fabric.

What's your favorite part about living in Portland, ME?

SB - Being right in the middle of all the amazing restaurants and breweries!

What's your favorite design you've made for Loyal Citizen?

My favorite design is still the Octopus.  I drew him (Mr. Kraken) last year, and I've drawn a lot of new stuff for Loyal Citizen since then, but Mr. Kraken is still my favorite. He's very dynamic and the shape fits perfectly on a t-shirt.

Shayna Blumert is a Loyal Citizen employee and artist based in Portland ME. You can find her designs for Loyal Citizen here, and her personal design work for Dark Leaf Designs here